And......That's a wrap on Season 1! We are already busy making Plans for Season 2, which kicks off October 3 with our debut of our new On Camera Game Sessions, then the following Friday the podcast will drop as usual. Thank you for the support and kind messages!

We have many interesting advertising and sponsorship opportunities for Season 2!

If you've never checked out an Actual Play Podcast before, give ours a shot. the Final three episodes and the Post Credit Scene & Roundtable are great places to start, and indicators of the quality we strive for.

Our story begins with Dae, Danika and Ana as they become unlikely Heroes at the (possible) start of the forever night. You join our Vampires aboard an airplane headed to Tokyo.

**Vampires and Vitae is a Vampire the Masquerade Actual Play Podcast, and is intended for mature audiences.**